Morocco Photography Expeditions and Workshops

The Morocco Photography Expeditions and workshops centre around significant Moroccan cultural events of interest that reveal the diversity of Morocco’s tribal and imperial roots.  Each is designed around an itinerary that gives photographers an unfettered view into Morocco’s past and present day life. Where the ancient, the mystical, the traditional and today’s modern world often sit side by side in situations that seem of another time.

The Morocco Photography Expeditions and Workshops provide instruction in story creation and techniques, mixing traditional photography and multi media. The workshops and expeditions are intimate small groups of no more than seven people for expeditions and 12 for workshops, lead by some of the worlds leading photojournalists and photographers. The days are part instruction, project and idea review,  onsite , travel, and peer reviews, talks and slideshows.

We have taken time to make sure the itineraries mix the travel to and from these cultural events through places of significant interest and history. Morocco is a world apart from Europe or Africa and distinctly Moroccan in character, a mix of Arab and Berber worlds with deep roots that extend far into Africa. Geographically divided by the Atlas mountains, almost north to south,  its culture has been influenced by invasions from north and the great camel trains crossing the Sahara through Algeria, Mauritania, and Mali. Resilient to change and time the tribes of Berber people have maintained their separate identities living in their high mountain strongholds, or living nomadic shepherders lives with the goat and sheep flocks , or herds of camels  on the lesser slopes or as the Desert Berbers who  still make their home in the oasis’ and vast wastes of the Sahara desert.

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Morocco Photography Workshops ,  Morocco Photo tours , Morocco Photography Expeditions.
The creation of the Morocco Photography Expeditions and workshops marks a new venture for the Photojournale team and its editors, moving from the virtual to the real world. We aim to bring good photographers together to learn, experiment, hone their storytelling skills, improve their technique and work in compelling environments. There are other Morocco Photography Workshops and Morocco Photo tours, however, we aim to create intimate, experiential based adventurous itineraries  with some of the world leading photojournalist and travel photographers not reproducing photo tours on tourist trails or basic tourist based photography instruction.