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David Bathgate
David Bathgate

David Bathgate studied anthropology and journalism at the Pennsylvania State University in the U.S., earning a doctorate and master’s degree, respectively, in those two disciplines. Thereafter, university teaching and visual journalism followed as parallel career pursuits. First photographing and writing for local magazines and newspapers, David eventually took his co-careers to Australia and worked on photographic projects in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

In 1993 he closed the door on academia to become a full-time visual story-teller, covering social and environmental topics he knows best. Represented by Corbis Images, David works regularly in Asia and the Middle East, as well as Europe, for publications such as Time, Newsweek, Geo, Stern, Focus and The London Sunday Times Magazine.

In addition, he regularly conducts workshops and seminars on photography, photojournalism and visual communication in places like Dharamshala, India and Ladakh and at institutions like, Pathshala – South Asian Institute of Photography, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, AINA in Kabul, Afghanistan and the Foundry Photojournalism Workshops. David is also the founder and owner of The Compelling Image, an online and interactive school of photography, video production and multimedia storytelling for the digital age. You can view more of DavidÕs work on his personal website

 John Horniblow
John Horniblow Antarctic underwater sound recording










John’s photography has been published with Time publications, Geo Mundo, National Geographic, Penguin books and many other periodicals. He commenced his photographic career as media and documentation officer on Expedition to Circumnavigate South America including voyaging in Antarctica. He has worked on assignment for National Geographic with leading wildlife photographer Franz Lanting and has produced documentary stories on a range of subjects. He is the Founder, Editor in Chief and publisher of  Photojournale. In 2010 he published Photojournale’s first anthology  “Photojournale – Connections Across a Human Planet “, a virtual, web 2.0 global publishing collaboration with Photojournale’s global community of photographers.

John also trained as a cinematographer and has shot, directed and produced award winning short, television documentary and industrial films working with broadcasters such as BBC, SBS, and ABC. His documentary and drama work has also been screened at International film festivals and on network television.

In digital media John is a multi award winning communications professional who has worked with some of the world’s leading media entities and most respected companies as a digital / convergence media expert.He has been working as a multimedia producer for 14 years.

He is also an intrepid traveler and taken part in many expeditions to remote parts of the world. John lives with his family in Casablanca, travels and speaks at leading festivals, digital media and photography workshops, and is working on a photo documentary and multimedia projects in Morocco.