Launch of Morocco Photography Expeditions and Workshops

Copyright 2012 John Horniblow , Morocco Photography Expeditions

Since opening its self to the world in the 20th century the Imperial Kingdom of Morocco has established itself as one of the world’s most compelling, exotic travel destinations for painters, writers, adventurers and photographers. Today Morocco’s ethnic, cultural and geographic diversities offers an alluring, exciting, photographically stunning and “experiential” country that inundates your senses. Relatively unchanged and sitting side by side with the modern world is Morocco’s ancient mystique and  its irresistible allure, enveloping its tribal heritage, vibrant colours, and distinctive architecture. With its cultural and traditional roots well preserved, it offers warm hospitality and enamouring landscapes for the adventurous and curious souls; from the sands, kasbahs, and oasis’ of the Sahara Desert,  long deserted coastlines, the towering high peaks, gorges and valleys of the Atlas and Rif Mountains, and Berber tribes, making it an ideal country in which to run unique photography expeditions and workshops.

Morocco Photography Expeditions and Workshops cater to the the advanced amateur/enthusiast, artists, starting travel /photojournalists, to professional photographer and offer unique culturally driven expeditions that explore the very character and makeup of this exotic and charming country. It offers itineraries and workshops that capture the imagination and venture deep into the weave and fabric of Moroccan life, its tribal background, mystique and arts.
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