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journale is a unique and leading online photo documentary publishing entity and online community of some of the world’s leading photojournalists. Founded in 2004 to promote the story form of photo documentary and photojournalism from around the world, today it has leading photographers from all corners of the globe publishing through the site, a diverse international editorial committee that crosses cultural and geo political boundaries and is involved in exhibition, publication and promotion of photojournalistic excellence. Photojournale is also active in promoting multimedia journalism online.


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This platform is specifically for the development and showcasing the presentation of online multimedia, multimedia journalism, photojournalism and photodocumentary . Photojournale believes that multimedia photojournalism is the 21st century medium for storytellers and photojournalist dealing with the disruptive technology of digital photography and the breakdown and transition of traditional media to digital forms.


Connections Across A Human Planet

The narrative of Connections Across A Human Planet follows the concept of cradle to grave: Birth childhood, education / school, adolescence, work, home, ritual, religion, celebration, sport, art, conflict, aging, sickness, death, mourning and remembrance. It’s an emotional and human journey of images drawn the documentary stories, captured moments or situations from every continent.

Connections Across a Human Planet illustrates the common truths that connect the human experience and is represented by photographers from around the world. The book is drawn as an edited anthology of photo documentary and photojournalism stories that are published on Photojournale.com.

The photographers in this book represent a list of exhibitions, awards, publications that include but are not limited to : Geo Mundo, National Geographic, Time, Burn magazine, 100eyes, Reflex, PeaceReporter, Focus, International Herald Tribune,Vienna Reporter, Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, Financial Times, Czech Press Photo, Fotoweek, International Colour Awards, Angkor Photo Festival, PDN photo Plus, Russian State Ethnographic Museum, Russian Cultural Centre Bratislava, National Gallery of Australia, Tate Britain Gallery, VPRO, BBC, Channel 4, Deadline Press Photos.

Photojournale Connections Across A Human Planet

Hardcover Edition

ISBN 978-2-8399-0593-0



Foreword: Ami Vitale
Design : Peter Barwick
Editors : John Horniblow, Lisa Hogben, Michael Fox, and Erica McDonald. Assisted by Santanu Chakrabati.
Cover image : Yaniv Nadav
Back cover : Igor Sherman


The Thirsty Planet – co operation on the Geneva Raindrops Award with the International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance.

The Thirsty Planet

photo Nilanjan Mitra